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The following operating & maintenance tips for Fire Extinguishers are all common sense, and covered as part of a Fire Risk Assessment.


However, you would be surprised how often these 5 Quick Tips are not followed.


1.  Ensure Correct Positioning

  • Is each extinguisher in the correct place next to a Fire Extinguisher sign?
  • Can it be easily reached without obstruction?


2.  Check Usage

  • Are the seals and tamper tags in place to indicate that it has not been used?


3.  Visual Inspection

  • Is the extinguisher damaged?
  • Are the operating instructions legible and facing outwards?
  • Is the gauge in the green zone?


4.  Identify the Responsible Person

  • Who has responsibility for carrying out the regular checks?


5.  Record & Monitor Results

  • The responsible person should record the results of the visual inspections in a log book
  • If anything is found to be wrong, they should arrange for immediate corrective action


We've summarised this information on a pdf for you to print out and keep.


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