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Automist Smartscan Coming Soon


Automist Smartscan Coming Soon

Over the years we’ve changed how we design our homes. It’s about time we changed how we protect them, too. Introducing Automist Smartscan, an evolution of the James Dyson award-winning Automist. Smartscan has a rotating head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. Coming Soon. Click here for the video



Innovative Technology for Residential Fire Suppression

The Automist sprinkler system. While traditional fire sprinkler systems require large scale installations and large amounts of water, the Automist system uses water mist fire suppression technology to suppress fires with a fraction of the water usage. Because the system can run off of residential water volume and pressure, it is easily added to new construction projects, or retrofitted to existing structures that cannot undergo a traditional sprinkler installation. Click here for the video

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