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Thinking of buying a cheap fire extinguisher via the internet?

Ask yourself these questions first, to make sure you’ve considered all of the ‘additional’ extras?

Q. Do you know the brand and the supplier?

* Branded extinguishers carry guarantees and Approved Suppliers carry liability and efficacy insurance.

* Non-branded, non-approved extinguishers carry neither – sorry!


Q. Will the extinguisher be installed for me?

* Probably not if you’re buying the extinguisher via the internet

* Many online vendors do offer installation, although this will be subject to an additional fee.


Q. Will the vendor install it for me?

* Again, probably not.

* Most installers are sub-contracted, so it will be up to you to check that the installer is likewise.


Q. What if I can’t verify the vendor?

* When you have a Fire Risk Assessment, proof of competency for the organisation supplying and maintaining your firefighting equipment will need to be shown.

* Any breach can be prosecuted under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

* Full details of organisations who have breached and been fined are posted on the FIA website.


Q. But if everything is fully verified and approved, then I have nothing else to worry about do I?

* Not quite

* If anything does happen untoward, insurance companies will demand proof of competency for any fire equipment and installation.

* Also, you will be liable for the ultimate safe and legal disposal of your fire extinguishers which requires a Waste Carriers license.


So, if all that is too much for you, please give us a call here at MCFP on 01869 252600 (Bicester), 01275 333336 (Bristol), or email us here

We are fully accredited, insured and BAFE approved, and will cover you from delivery through to maintenance to disposal.